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Very Large Copper Cauldron | Log Bin

Very Large Copper Cauldron | Log Bin

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Exceptionally Large Copper Pot | Cauldron | Log Storage 

This pot has plenty of character in the form of dents, dings and marks but it also has plenty of age and clearly at some stage someone deemed it worth saving as it has had different handles attached at some stage or the original handles have been moved to a slightly different location. I tend to think this is the latter as the handles do look period to the item. I would probably advise not loading it with logs and then carrying it as it is made from copper and the fact the handles are in a different position would suggest the copper probably isn’t strong enough for a lot of weight. Just my thoughts.

As suggested earlier, this item has small traces of time giving it authenticity and character.

it measures approximately:

Just over 12 inches high by 22 inches diameter 

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